Is This a Bad Idea to Limit Turbulance ponds

I have a ~400g pond, but it has a pretty powerful pump and waterfall because we wanted a decent falls for viewing and for the sound. I can unplug the waterfall when I want to get a good view for a while, but that is tiresome and Im not sure its good for the pump turning on and off a lot. Anyway, I found this random piece of glass and it gave me an idea: blocks like 80% of the turbulence (actually more than it seems in the photo with all the reflections on the ripples). The fish can still go under and around it to get to that side of the glass, and the water still flows around to the open side where there is a couple inches gap. Is there a reason not to do this?

If the food goes right into the skimmer, make a little hula hoop to feed them in. Just take a 4 length of cheap, black poly tube, get a male to male barbed adapter and make a hoop. You can tie a peice of fishing line to it, and the other end a rock to prevent it from floating towards the skimmer. Feed the fish in the hoop. Food stays in, excess can be easily scooped out.